The questionnaire can be filled in below or by using the link above (This is a Microsoft Word doc.).
You can email the answers to [mcpherss "at"] or post them on the wiki by creating a page for your state or country. I will update the wiki page when new information comes!


Please help us learn about your school, town and state by filling out the following questionnaire.

  1. What is the name of your school?
  2. Is your school public or private?
  3. How many students are in your class? Boys? Girls?
  4. How many students in your school?
  5. What grades are in your school?
  6. How many 4th grade classes do you have in your school?
  7. What are you studying now in: math_science language arts _social studies
  8. What time of day does your school day begin and end
  9. When does your school year begin and end?
  10. How many computers do you have in your classroom?
  11. What is the population of your town or city?
  12. What is your favorite school lunch?
  13. Name one of the best things about your town.
  14. Name one of the best things about your school.
  15. If we came to your state where would you suggest we visit?

Thank you for taking the time to share with us!